Monday, January 8, 2007

Cisco CCNA Certification Package

The CBT Nuggets Cisco CCNA Certification Package is a
comprehensive collection of training videos that completely
covers the objectives for the recently updated 640-801 CCNA exam.
But to say that this series is merely a test prep tool is like calling
the Mona Lisa "merely a painting of a girl". The CCNA series is intended
to enrich your IT career. It's designed to be your ticket to IT utopia,
a career working in the exciting field of network infrastructure and technology.

The CBT Nuggets CCNA Certification Package
contains the videos listed below:

- Intro to CCNA/ Concepts and Hardware
- Cisco IOS Basics
- Router Components
- The Configuration file
- Managing IOS images
- Access Control List Essentials
- Standard Access Control Lists
- Extended Access Control Lists
- Named Access Control Lists
- Applying an ACL to a line
- Cisco Discovery Protocol
- Intro to the OSI Reference Model
- The OSI Data-Link Layer
- The OSI Network Layer
- The OSI Transport Layer
- Setup mode
- Password Recovery
- IP Addressing
- Subnetting Basics
- Advanced Subnetting
- Netware
- Spanning Tree Protocol
- Network Segmentation
- Transparent Bridging
- LAN Switching
- Virtual LAN
- Fast-Ethernet
- Private Addressing and NAT
- Routing Basics
- Distance Vector Protocols
- Frame-Relay Basics
- Frame-Relay Advanced Concepts
- Frame Relay Monitoring
- ISDN Essentials
- PPP Essentials
- CCNA security issues
- Basic Switch Configuration
- Cisco Internetwork Design



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Thank this is realy going to help me over the next two years

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i am giving ccna exams next month i am hoping the package would help me a lot

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