Sunday, January 7, 2007

Supreme Folder Hider v1.3

Do you need to hide personal files on your computer from your significant other, friends, or family?

Did you know that files such as photos, images, pictures, movies, mp3s, and others can be completely hidden from others by using one keyboard stroke?

Do you want the ability to hide files and folders and make them reappear in the fastest way possible?

Then this folder hiding software is for you!

Supreme Folder Hider is folder security software that prevents files from being viewed or accessed. Supreme Folder Hider keeps users from accessing and viewing files from within Windows Explorer, shortcuts, recent document lists, search utilities, and even the command prompt. Featuring a stealth mode along with password protection, Supreme Folder Hider gives you the ability to quickly hide and to quickly show your sensitive files by using hotkeys.


Add as many folders to the program as you want for quick hiding
Hide or Show individual folders or all folders at once
Prevents all file access, even from the command prompt, and even from hackers
Folders are removed from Windows Explorer entirely
Files in folders cannot be accessed, even from shortcuts or recent document lists
Run at Windows startup
Runs in stealth mode and doesn't show up in the Applications tab when you press Control-Alt-Delete
Hotkey for bringing the program out of Stealth Mode
Hotkey for hiding all folders
Hotkey for showing all folders
Password protection when program is opened
Password protection when program is brought out of stealth mode
Password protection when hotkeys are used to hide or show all folders


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