Monday, January 8, 2007

SafeLog FAA v3.92

Your pilot logbook is a key legal and career document. Don't be grounded if it gets lost or destroyed. Safelog not only helps protect you against disaster, but also gives you numerous powerful analysis, reporting, and summary tools. We work hard to give Safelog the right combination of power and ease-of-use - perhaps this is why Safelog is now used by tens of thousands of pilots worldwide (including those at over 100 airlines). Additionally, we're proud of the reputation we have for listening to use requests and continuously working to upgrade the software. We listen to you.

Don't take our word for it, though. You can download Safelog today, free, and try it for yourself. Safelog is available for MS-Windows systems and also features PDA (Widows Mobile and PalmOS) companion software so you can log using your handheld while on the road.

Fast and Easy logging of flights. Legendary ease of use. Highly Customizable fields.
FAA Currency Tracking* - CFR 14 (FAR) Part 91, 121 (domestic, international, and small capacity), 135, and more Hundreds of reports and analysis options. Highly customizable.
Fully FAR 61.65 and JAR-FCL compatible FAA Practical Test Readiness Analyzer* - be ready for the examine - compare your logbook to CFR 14 (FAR) Part 61 and 141 regulations - student pilot through ATP in seconds.
Charts and graphs galore
Manage Pilot/Medical Certificates and Ratings Automatically generate FAA Form 8710-1*
Windows Mobile (PocketPC) and PalmOS PDA companion software available so you can log while on the road and sync when you get home. Powerful Import AND Export Wizard - perfect if you're upgrading from an obsolete logbook product to Safelog.
Built-in worldwide database of over 30,000 airports and landing places Free, online technical support provided by aviation professionals and senior programmers.
Aircraft and Contact managers Support for flights entered before the digital logbook
Many, many print and report options Store photos, journals, comments, notes, and more with flights
FREE upgrades for registered users Dozens of options for airline pilots, including block/duty times, flight number memory, crew, and more.

What really makes Safelog simply the best pilot logbook solution are two things that are a bit hard for you to get a sense of without actually using the software (remember, you can download it for FREE from below).

Safelog's ease and speed of use is second to none. We spend hours obsessing over small details in order to save you milliseconds and make your life easier when entering flights and doing all the other cool things that Safelog can do. You may see some other logbook program with an equally impressive list of features. Try both and compare - you'll quickly see why pilots prefer Safelog.
We listen to you. Unlike other products, we have a full time team of pilots and programmers who work continuously on Safelog. As a result, we are constantly innovating and adding features. In fact, our team have developed virtually every non-obvious innovation in software logbooks in the last several years (many of which have been copied by others). At any given moment, we have many improvements coming down the line, and, unlike others who hold you hostage to subsequent versions, Safelog upgrades are always free (and easy - the latest upgrade is always just one click away given our built-in self-update). We're in this for the long term and are truly committed to making the best pilot logbook system possible. This is why Safelog has become and will continue the world's most trusted pilot logbook software. We really are a group of pilots, programmers, and testers committed to your satisfaction.

"Safelog is simply the best tool to properly track and organize your valuable logbook data."



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