Monday, January 8, 2007


WS_FTP Server is a highly secure, fully featured and easy-to
-administer file transfer and data management server that delivers
best-in-class performance and security.

128-bit encryption exceeds most compliance requirements
for secure file transfer
Administrator control over file access with granular permissions
Event-driven communication and automation

WS_FTP Server makes important data easily and securely accessible
by setting up, managing, and protecting folders & files. With
WS_FTP you can authenticate users from any ODBC-compliant user
database, and set up virtual folders and multiple logical hosts on
a single machine.

WS_FTP Server protects your business critical and sensitive data
with the highest commercially available data encryption level

When combined with WS_FTP Professional it's the perfect solution
for organizations that require confidentiality when transferring
files over the Internet such as government, education, medical,
and finance.

WS_FTP Server can be installed wherever needed; it doesn't require
expensive, dedicated hardware, and it can run in the background on
your PC.
No Password.


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beware!!!!!!!!!! this file get virus